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:The London Reunion was a great success. Caroline Jackson, M.E.P. welcomed us all to the House of Commons and introduced the present Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Johnson, who gave a report on the School. Sheila Jackson our Chairman thanked Caroline for making this Reunion possible and also welcomed Miss Harvey now Mrs Feaver, headmistress of the School in the 60's.
Photos of the Reunion.

Denise Lawrey,Sally Gibbons, Toyah Semmens,Shana Simpson, Marilyn Lawrey,Sheila Warren,Denise Matthews
Miss Harvey, Mr Nicholas Johnson,Sheila Warren, Caroline Jackson, M.E.P. with some of our members at the House of Commons
Members at the Reunion
Caroline Jackson,Mrs Johnson, Mr Johnson, Jane Penberthy
Miss Harvey being welcomed by the Chairman
Toyah Semmens,Maria Davy,Susan Mann, Jill Boxall, Jill Sinnette
Elizabeth our Secretary and Margaret Lawrey on the way up into the Great Hall
House of Commons with its Christmas lights
London Eye - a few of us decided to go on the "Eye" just before the meeting and watched the sun setting over London.
Marilyn, Shana, Denise, Sally,Denise in the London Eye.
Jennifer Bracht (Jinks):It was a super evening at the London Reunion and I do wish to thank all members involved in the organization. It was very much a worthwhile event and I look forward to attending the next reunion. Perhaps I did in fact have the longest journey to enable me to attend the reunion, but I would like to say that this was made possible because I received the invitation from my friend, Janet Fox nee Yardley. (Solihull). Jan and I met in 1945 at St. Clare`s and we have been close friends ever since. Just to fill you in a little on my background: My parents, brother and I returned to England from India in May 1940, and I was packed off, together with my two sisters Sheila and Pat, to St. Clare`s in September 1940. At that time I was six years old and I stayed at the school until December 1949. I now live in northern Germany (Glücksburg) with my German husband, whom I met in the States. We have one son, a Danish daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, attending the Danish School here in Glücksburg.. First and foremost, we feel very European, a little Americanized (we lived in the States for approximately ten years), but in my heart I remain a Cornish girl. My two sisters and brother are living in Cornwall, and I do get to visit them as often as possible. I am always grateful to my St. Clare`s background. My academic career was certainly not brilliant but I am indeed thankful for the values of life that I was taught during my school days. I wish the Bolitho School continuing success, and I feel certain that this will be the case with the school under the brilliant administration and supervision of Mr. Nicholas Johnson.

Jill Horn: Just a quick thank you to you, Caroline and the others for all your planning and emails for what Jill Sinnette and I thought was a splendid evening, in most impressive surroundings. Although nobody else from our particular year came along, it was good to meet the others and interesting how little some people had changed. I also thought what a nice group of women SSC had produced!

Photos taken at the Reunion.

The photo above shows Miss Crankshaw who many will remember taught at the School, Noreen Johnson and Shana Simpson.


Sheila Warren, now Jackson, the Chairman (see her report below!), with Toyah Semmens, and Sally Gibbons just before the reunion.

Elissa Lawrey Rice Thanks so much for putting the photographs of the reunion 0n-line. It looks as if everyone was enjoying themselves immensely! Wish I could have been there, especially as there were so many Lawreys, Hi cousins, from the U.S.A. I . went to St Clare's in Oct l935 when my father was sent to Singapore. Miss Macpherson was the headmistress then, followed by Miss Petrie who died, and then Miss Browning. I left in l940 to go to Bermuda. I took my daughter and granddaughter back to St. Clare's in 2001, it was a memorable occasion especially as my granddaughter found an essay I had written at the age of 8.! I shall always look back fondly on the time I spent there. it was a happy time for me, in spite of missing my family who were away for 3 years. But I made lots of friends and the staff were kind and excellent teachers. It was a fortunate choice for me!

Sheila Jackson, nee Warren. The Chairman's report of her journey to London! Well worth reading:-
Caroline Jackson invited the st Clares old Girls to the House of Commons for a reniunon on December 2nd 45?of us went all getting there by different means of transport and staying with family and friends in different places SOME took the early train! (that being Janet Barret and myself ) We decided that because we had’nt been to London for over 30 years we would catch the early train and make a good day of it and catch the sleeper home! I was up at 3.45 in order to leave home at 4.30am to get into Penzance Station for 5 (the train was to leave at 5.07am) Everything was going fine Janet joined me at Redruth about 5.25 after all this is a fast train and we should be in Paddington at 9.59am! We were going to have breakfast on the train as, Janets friend Pat, was coming to Paddington to meet her at We were told at Plymouth that the Buffet car had now joined us. We looked at each other ‘cos we wanted bacon and eggs after all it was our day out and a day to be remembered! …. We did try and put our bacon buttys off until EXETER but the smell was too great besides someone sat eating one so we just HAD to go up it seamed an awful long way after getting thrown from side to side we got back to our seats and examined our buttys and coffee I decided I wanted more milk so back up again everything was going as planned . Then we got to NEWTON ABBOTT this was before 8 so making good time …then it was announced that the signals were all red so we had to wait. As this is the early fast train there are many city workers, you should have heard all the mobile phones going!! …9 am came and went then we were told to all get off the train as we were to be BUSSED TO Tiverton Parkway , where we would get back onto a train to continue our journey to Paddington it was now 9.10 . When we went to get on the bus it reminded me of school and everyone trying to get on at once .!!! These London Business Men pushing in so I said in my best St Clare's voice "thank goodness this isn’t a boat disaster what about women and children first !!" They did stop after that! So by now we are on our way .We reached Tiverton Parkway at 10 . (by now we should have been in London NOT DEVON.every body got onto the platform eagerly awaiting the train when we were told that a train would take too long to arrive they are going to bus us to BRISTOL TEMPLEMEADS….. So back on another bus (they told us it would only take an hour) never mind we are moving then the bus driver did his bit seeing how long he could make this journey last Janet said she saw a trike pass!!! I’m sure I saw a tractor and trailer ! … then we came to a holt there had been an accident (we couldn’t be involved ‘cos we weren’t going fast enough!.. So we then took the scenic route to BRISTOL Arriving at 11.40!! Never mind we all had the British spirit and just laughed what else could go wrong!! When we got to BRISTOL we were told that all the trains had been stopped because someone had committed suicide on the lines could anything else go wrong ..oh yes it could!....We finally left Bristol at bearing in mind that Janet and I had’nt had anything to eat or drink since before it was a good job that we had’nt waited until Exeter before our buttys ‘cos we would not have had anything since we left home!! When we got on the train 12.10.p.m. WE UP GRADED ourselves to 1st class we were given coffee and biscuits free AND the coffee was in china cups! The phones are still going and some are still attending to their business, one women was going to Reading to buy a cat, the seller was coming to meet her on the station and kept ringing her asking how much longer would she be because she was only aloud to wait at Reading Station for 20 mins. Pat had been on Paddington station since 10. The friend that I was to meet could not understand that we were still on the train BUT there was NOTHING we could do we were all very British and dignified! After Swindon I went to do my hair and put my makeup on, I did hear something about a case and the train stopped so it was good for eye makeup!! …When I got back to my seat the others were laughing and saying did you hear what happened and did I know that we had stopped for 10 mins? It turned out that someone had left their case unattended by one of the doors and so the had to treat it as a suspect BOMB well that took the biscuit! We had nearly had it all, we only needed a mugging and we would have had a full set …….thank goodness we arrived in PADDINGTON at 2.05pm. Pat was waiting for Janet she had been there since 10 THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL A FRIEND …. ALL I wanted to do was go up in the wheel BUT my friend said that I must go straight to Piccadilly to meet her and her friend who comes to Sennen. My friend has a house here and they always come to lunch so I thought or read the lunch date in London as a treat. For country mouse going up to town to see how the real people live!!! Oh dear I only had a Greek salad and the lettuce stuck in my throat! When the bill came Pam said that the wine was to be her treat !! BUT as she couldn’t take it away from the total she said we will divide it by 3! So Sheila you owe £20 !!! IT’S now 3.45! so off to FORTNUM and MASONS to look at their food hall ….. FOR GOODNESS SAKE we own a food shop!!! Then on to SLOANE SQUARE, why I can’t imagine, but by then I was so fed up (if I had’nt gone to StCLARES I would write something else!!) I didn’t care. At this point Pam left me time 5.p.m and I had’nt seen anything so I made my way to the Holiday Inn where I saw Wendy and others by then it was nearly and as far as I was concerned that was when my enjoyment in London started. At 7.00 we made our way to WESTMINISTER and THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Our M.E.P. Caroline Jackson and many old friends from school, including Miss Harvey, an ex head, Mr Johnson and his wife, Mrs Bullcok(Miss Crankshaw), our present committee members and one "old girl" who flew over from Germany? At Janet and I made our way back to Paddington to catch our train which was a sleeper and it was wonderful no problems at all but then we had enough to last a lifetime. I suppose it’s like childhood illnesses get them all over in one go!! JANET and I both agreed that we would do it again as our fellow passengers were so very nice …….. and the evening at the House of Commons was such a "one off" we wouldn’t have missed for the world . Now we are waiting to see what compensation if any that we might get from British Rail (with our luck that day we have sent our forms to the wrong Rail Company! ) The only thing I wanted to do, was go up in the wheel!! Instead I had a Greek salad which I had to pay for and it cost £7.50 on the menu! and I had to pay £20!! So you could say that "country mouse" had a lesson from a "town mouse" BUT "country mouse" learnt a lesson NO more food for" town mouse" in SENNEN ….its good that we are always learning! …Till the next time!!

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